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Anti-Racism Protesters in Boston End Racism

Hundreds of anti-racism protestors in Boston today have successfully ended racism. We accomplished this because there was only a handful of white supremacists at the rally which were mostly likely paid actors or provocateurs. Even though the majority of Americans detest racism and would never set foot in public to display these bigoted beliefs, the liberal left believes this is the most important issue of our time. Why do we pick the racism battle to stand up for? Because we need an issue that we can win, that nobody in their right mind would be willing to argue against. This gives the liberal left more power to push forth more of our less popular ideas and communist agenda. If we can get the citizens of our country to see that we are winning on this issue then they are sure to believe that all of are other less popular beliefs have merit too. Most importantly we must distract the populace from any knowledge of the vast disparity between the wealthy and poor in America.

White supremacy has no place in this country.

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